By Lareine Nget ‘24

A junior at LCA is here to give us an insight into his day! 

L: What are your mornings like?

DS: I usually wake up at 6:20 and at 6:35 I finish getting ready. At 6:40 I go down for breakfast and my van leaves at 7:10.

L: What time do you usually get back to the dorm after school?

DS: I get back to the dorm at 5 because I have basketball.

L: What time do you go to bed?

DS: At around 11.

He also mentioned that his favorite activity at the dorm has been the “hide and seek.” As five days of his week are packed with school, he usually does nothing on the weekends, when he stays at the dorm.

“The dorm is a fun place–you can play sports, play instruments like the piano, watch TV.”

– Jeff