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The Arts Division at LCA is a collaborative department of professional artists, skilled in bringing out every student’s creative side. We offer dozens of opportunities for students of all interests to use their minds, voices, and bodies to express themselves.


The Music Department exposes students to a variety of musical styles, technical knowledge, specific terminology, and historical perspective. 

The Music Curriculum

Middle School

  • Instrumental groups for wind, strings, and piano
  • General Music
  • Select Chorus
  • Middle School Chorus

Upper School

  • Chamber Ensembles for winds, strings, and piano
  • Chamber Singers
  • Chorale
  • Music Theory

Vocal Music Director, Mary Bulger 

Instrumental Music Director, Yeji Shim


The visual arts program gives students the chance to experiment with ways to build beauty into the world around them through a variety of mediums and materials.

Visual Arts Curriculum

Middle School

  • Art 6 – required, 1 trimester
  • Art 7 – required, 1 trimester
  • Art 8 – elective, 1 trimester

Upper School – All of our upper school courses are elective.

  • Art 1 – Basic Design (this course is a pre-requisite to all other courses)
  • Architecture
  • AP Studio Art (2 years)
  • Ceramics
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting & Drawing I
  • Painting & Drawing II
  • Photography
  • Stained Glass
  • Wheel Throwing


Kendall Reynolds

Chip VanderBrug 


The curricular program provides students with a foundational structure to contain the live learning that takes place in production. Coursework offers students an opportunity to gain vocabulary, context, and methodology; to skill build, to reflect, and to consolidate. 

Lexington Christian Academy has a multi-decade tradition of integrating the visual and performing arts with faith, as is evidenced by the existence of The Cross Worship and Performing Arts Center. Producing full-scale musicals, classic plays, literary adaptations, and original scripts give our theater students skills that can transfer to many facets of academic and faith pursuing life.

The Theatre Curriculum

Middle School

  • Exploring Theatre (6th graders)
  • Annual Middle School Play

Upper School

  • Intro to Theatre
  • Tech Theatre
  • Playwriting I & II
  • Acting I & II
  • Upper School Independent Study
  • Choreography
  • Video Production
  • Stage Management
  • Lighting Design
  • Costume Design

Theatre Director, Christopher Greco

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