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Families Receive Financial Aid

Students Receive Merit-Based Scholarships

Tuition Assistance ($)

Average Financial Aid Award ($)

2024-2025 TUITION


Grades 6-7

Grade 8

Grades 9-12



    Boarding Fee

    Laundry Service Fee (required)

    International Student Fee

    International Health Insurance


    Tutoring Fees (per semester):
    Individual tutoring and small group tutoring for executive functioning are available at an extra charge. Please contact Amy Chaney with questions.

    Executive Function Group - $650 per year
    Individual Tutoring 1x/week - $2,550 per year
    Individual Tutoring 2x/week - $5,100 per year
    Individual Tutoring 3x/week - $7,200 per year


    Tuition Refund Insurance (TRI):
    Available through Dewar Insurance, TRI is mandatory unless tuition is paid in full by July 15, 2024.


    Expenses vary by grade, approximately $500-$800 per year.
    Used books may also be bought and sold at a reduced rate.

    Optional Expenses:
    Optional expenses include “out-of-town” field trips, special activities and socials, and Chamber Tour.



    Complete financial aid applications as soon as possible. Financial aid will now be available on a rolling basis based on when all admission and financial aid materials are submitted. Use our Clarity portal below to submit your financial aid materials and feel free to reach out to our admissions office with any questions!

    Our Clarity Code is 7850


    Lexington Christian Academy is pleased to offer scholarships to both returning and new students for the 2024-2025 school year. For each scholarship category you must submit this application along with any other supporting documents requested.

    Applications, resumes, and supporting documents will now be accepted on a rolling basis.

    Please email scholarships@lca.edu if you have any questions or need assistance.


    Thanks to the generous partnership with the extended LCA community over decades, we are able to award up to one million dollars of merit-based scholarships to eligible students.



    The James Bergin Scholarship
    The Paul C. & Dorothea S. Browne Memorial Scholarship for Theatre
    The Paul C. & Dorothea S. Browne Memorial Scholarship for the Fine Arts
    The Paul C. & Dorothea S. Browne Memorial Scholarship for Music
    The Manganello Scholarship for Performing Arts
    The AMH Scholar-Vocalist Award
    The Charles G. Hilgenhurst Memorial Scholarship


    The Jacobsen Family Scholarship in memory of John L. Thorne
    The Garth Johnson ’76 Memorial Athletic Scholarship
    The J. Barry Koops Scholar-Athlete Award
    The Wadman Family Scholarship in Honor of Wallace W. Wadman
    The Beckham-Fleming Scholarship


    The Jeff Johnson ’73 Academic Memorial Scholarship
    The Bright Futures Scholarship
    The Aruda Family Scholarship
    The Dr. Michel T. Doreau Scholarship
    The Raymond E. Martin Memorial Scholarship
    The Roberts Family Scholarship
    The Gordon and Catherine VanderBrug Scholarship for Math and Science


    The Robert S. Clarke ’52 Memorial Scholarship
    The Friends Legacy Scholarship
    The Garrett Dean Scholarship
    The Grateful Alumnus Scholarship
    The Aiden Michael Gordon Memorial Scholarship
    The Rick Hawkins Scholarship for Effort
    The Henry J. Hoffman Jr. Scholarship
    The Mrs. Fan-Jui K. Hsieh Memorial Scholarship
    The James L. & Evelyn M. Jenks Memorial Scholarship
    The Adam Laniak Memorial Scholarship
    The Miss Grace Pierson Alumni Scholarship
    The Grace and Miles Strodel Scholarship
    The Grace Chapel Scholarship
    The Richard D. VanLunen Memorial Scholarship
    The Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship
    The Class of 1999 Endowed Scholarship
    The Kenneth M. & Sylvia F. Axtell Memorial Scholarship
    The Barnabas Scholarship in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Nyenhuis
    The Lori Johnson Scholarship
    The Allan R. Menzies Memorial Scholarship
    The Robert and Betty Owen Scholarship
    The Douglas and Judith Pierce Family Scholarship
    The Joyful Service Scholarship
    The Somers Family Scholarship
    The Richard ’60 and Jill Schuhmacher Scholarship for Reliability
    The Ernest and Virginia Tavilla Memorial Scholarship
    The Eagles’ Wings Scholarship
    The David Allen Scholarship
    Head of School Scholarship