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LCA’s Middle School program is the beginning of a journey to discover who you are and how you learn. Through a classical program integrated with interdisciplinary opportunities across the curriculum, our program teaches 6th-8th graders to ask difficult questions, tackle ambitious academic goals, and develop a Christ-centered confidence in their gifts and abilities.


6th grade is all about PERSPECTIVES.

LCA 6th graders are enrolled in the following courses:

  • Language & Literature 6
  • 6th Grade Bible
  • Life Science
  • Math Course 2 -OR- Pre-Algebra
  • 6th Grade Art
  • Middle School Chorus
  • Beginning Music
  • Perspectives (This keystone interdisciplinary Social Studies class synthesizes History, Bible, and Language Arts curriculums through in-depth, thematic lessons.)
  • Intro to World Cultures (This project-based course provides students a broad view of language and culture across the world. Students also learn research, presentation and public speaking skills.

7th grade is all about STORIES

LCA 7th graders are enrolled in the following courses:

  •  Language & Literature 7
  •  7th Grade Bible
  • Neighbors & Nations (World History & Geography)
  • Earth Science
  • Pre-Algebra -OR- Algebra 1
  • 7th Grade Art
  • Middle School Chorus
  • General Music (advanced musicians can opt into an additional performance ensemble)
  • French 1A -OR- Spanish 1A



8th grade is all about IDENTITY.

LCA 8th graders are enrolled in the following courses:


  • Language & Literature 8
  • 8th Grade Bible
  • US History – 1865 to Present
  • Introductory Physical Science
  • Algebra 1 -OR- Geometry
  • French 1B -OR- Spanish 1B
  • 8th Grade Art (elective)
  • Select Chorus (elective)
  • Instrumental Ensembles (elective)


LCA’s Upper School program extends the skills and lessons learned and Middle School, preparing students to succeed in education and life after graduation. College advising and rigorous AP, honors, and prep courses, combined with athletics and arts programs help students find the opportunities that allow them to use and leverage their gifts throughout their future.


The math curriculum is largely structured around increasing levels of complexity in problem solving. Students typically begin their course sequence with Geometry and progress accordingly into Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. Upper level math courses include Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC. Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra is offered to Advanced Math students. 


All LCA students take Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. In each of these courses, students learn the content while simultaneously building tools of inquiry and communication. Students also takes steps to develop in eight science skills and practices that they will encounter in all science courses in high school and college. These practices include:

  • asking questions
  • developing and using models
  • planning and carrying out investigations
  • analyzing and interpreting data
  • using mathematical and computational thinking
  • constructing explanations
  • engaging in argument from evidence
  • obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information. 

Upper school sequence of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry depends on the student placement in honors or CP level. Students in the honors level begin the sequence with Physics and end with Biology. Students in the CP level begin the sequence with Biology and end with Chemistry. In 12th grade students may choose from AP science courses or elective courses.


social studies

Our history curriculum is focused on developing historical thinking skills in students. Students must be able to read, understand, and interpret primary and secondary sources and use these sources to engage in conversation and to write well-support, document-based, analysis of history.Students take two years of world history (9th and 10th grade) and American history (11th grade). History electives are offered in 12th grade, and AP US history and AP European history are taught in 11th and 12th grades, respectively. 



Perceptive readers. Creative and clear writers.

Our program focuses on helping students develop close reading skills of all kinds of texts, and to communicate through speaking and writing their understanding and beliefs with clarity, purpose and voice.

 A typical course trajectory:

  • 9th grade: Foundations of Language and Literature
  • 10th grade: World Literature at either the CP or Honors level.
  • 11th grade: AP English Language and Composition or American Literature CP and Honors.
  • 12th grade: Senior English Seminar or AP English Literature and Composition

Bible at LCA is designed to

  • engage the life of the heart & mind
  • seek to build & shape our students perspectives & lives by the Scripture
  • create healthy Biblical literacy.


    We help students engage in faithful & thoughtful Biblical Interpretation, and therefore participate in critical Christian reflection on all areas of  life and practice.

    Bible classes in grades 6-9 are aimed at building that Biblical literacy.
    Grades 10-12 focus on critical Christian reflection keeping in mind all that they have learned.


world languages

The skills involved in studying a language are reading, writing, speaking and listening. The curriculum demonstrates continuity in each of the four skills from level to level.

At LCA, we offer the following course progression in both French and Spanish:

  •  Level 1: students learn basic vocabulary and common phrases/expressions to perform simple communicative tasks such as greetings and introductions, expressing preferences and noting time and place (date, time & weather). Students also begin to create with the language using rudimentary grammar, including present tense & near future, asking and answering basic questions and describing themselves and others. They can write simple paragraphs around a given topic.


  •  Level 2: students build on their previous knowledge by expanding their vocabulary (i.e. in French II professions, food, & entertainment and in Spanish II daily routines, travel, & body parts/clothing) and learning additional grammatical forms including an introduction to the past tense. With the added material, they are able to sustain short conversations and write more detailed paragraphs.


  • Level 3: students build on the foundation they have laid in the first two years with new vocabulary and increasingly complex grammar structures (i.e. subjunctive, describing conditions and narrating events in the past). Students are creative in their writing and engage in longer conversations.

  • Level 4: students continue to expand the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. In addition to increasing their repertoire of vocabulary, verbs and grammar, they also read and discuss excerpts from francophone and hispanic literature and a novel. Students regularly write personal responses to questions about their interests and daily life.

  • Level 5: students engage in a comprehensive review of grammar while learning advanced grammatical structures. They continue to expand their vocabulary and use it in the context of extended discussions. Students read and discuss a novel in the target language. They continue to write personal responses integrating new grammar and vocabulary with material from the first four levels.

Since 1946, Lexington Christian Academy has provided exceptional academic preparation, operating under the belief that faith and learning are inseparable and indispensable in a Christian education.


What’s your awesome?

Academic Advising is a 1:1 mentoring program to help 9th and 10th graders discover what makes them awesome, define and achieve success in their own journey. Working with parents, Advisors reveal strengths and growth opportunities, developing key skills, passions, and ultimately career possibilities.

College Advising

We believe that college is not the final destination, but rather a stop on the path to a meaningful life of purpose and value. We utilize an approach to college advising that is personalized, process-oriented and designed to help each student find the school that fits him or her best.

Despite the stress of senior year, college applications were not one of my worries because I had two of the most helpful people by side through every step of the way. Mr. Scaro helped me sharpen my essays so that they pierced through the college admission offices and Ms. Tsiang-Pong helped me showcase my extracurricular activities so that they accurately displayed my strengths. Mr. Scaro and Ms. Tsiang-Pong taught me how to show my best self to the colleges and because of their help I was accepted at my top choice for college!

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