We are proud that our students are growing not just in knowledge of the humanities and sciences, but in their ability to ask deep questions in the search of truth. And this learning journey starts with our world-class faculty, who pour into students inside and outside of the classroom.

At Lexington Christian Academy we believe in cultivating the whole person; Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. Here is a story about cultivating the mind.

Faculty Spotlight

Check out this spotlight of one of our science faculty, Dr. Jody Clark, and hear how her Christian worldview shapes her understanding and teaching of science.

“Dr. Clark has helped me to understand how science and God can be compatible and how rewarding it can be to study the universe He has perfectly made. She supports her students outside of the classroom, as well.I am forever thankful to Dr. Clark for piquing my interest in science and advising me in my journey with biology.”
– Jennifer Murphy ‘18