Interview from 2019

Dan Evans ’07 co-founded a startup company, RecoverX, that’s transforming the way people recover from injuries. This fall he returned to LCA and shared with students about his company and also encouraged them to explore the MarkerSpace to discover their passion. 

What brought you to LCA, and how has LCA shaped who you are today?

I started LCA in 6th grade and graduated in 2007, and in those 7 years I was most shaped by the community.  To be surrounded by Christian, smart, and caring people I assumed that to be the norm.  As a senior, the common question was “where are you going to college?”; I didn’t realize until college that most high school seniors get asked “Are you going to college?”  LCA definitely sets up their students to succeed, and I am very grateful for the foundation the school provides to the students.

What are you doing currently?
I am the co-founder and CTO of RecoverX.  It’s a San Francisco startup that I started with a friend of mine in 2015.  

Tell us about RecoverX, What is your target market?
RecoverX is transforming the way people recover from injuries. The company’s product is the world’s first smartphone-controlled cold and heat pack for athletic and medical recovery. Our device optimizes recovery by regulating the precise temperature and time for both cold (50-60°F) and heat (104-113°F) therapies. It operates on a rechargeable battery, allowing users the ability to recover anytime and anywhere. Additionally, the device tracks user data, such as frequency of use and therapy selection, desired by physical therapists and athletic trainers to improve client injury evaluations and rehabilitation strategies. 

Tell us more about the journey of creating RecoverX.

Well I honestly never had ambitions of being a founder.  I was working as an engineer at a large medical device company for a few years, and started to grow bored of the slow-moving, minimal-impact work.  Living in San Francisco, the startup scene is very popular and I knew I’d be challenged to learn and grow so I began interviewing at small companies.  My roommate, who knew I was looking into startups, introduced me to someone he met at church who was ‘building some sort of medical device for athletes’. Eventually I quit my normal job and pursued this startup full time.  Thankfully I have an incredibly supportive family and a soon-to-be wife who encourage me in my passions.

How has your faith impacted your career?

Obviously my faith has impacted me a great deal, and one attribute in particular it affects is my confidence.  I would say I’m less scared of failing than most people, and I think that’s because I know I’m loved by God no matter the outcome.  I am blessed to have a co-founder who shares my faith with me, and we start each week praying together.  One of our biggest prayers is that we can honor God and spread the Word through this Christian-led company.  

What would you encourage current LCA high school students who have a passion for entrepreneurship.
I think the biggest step for students in high school is to get exposed to their passion, especially what it may look like in the future.  Internships at companies, shadowing those who work in the profession, interviewing people in various positions, small projects related to your interest. Also, surprisingly, what you do later in life can become your passion.  A lot of people love their job that they didn’t even know existed years beforehand.  

What is some advice you would give the next generation of LCA Students.

Care – care a lot.  For some reason, indifference can be viewed as cool.  It’s not.  Passion is the greatest attribute employers looks for in a candidate, and it’s because it’s a great indication for success.  Work extremely hard for whatever you’re doing, and if it goes well then be excited.  If it doesn’t, you should be upset, but then get over it and move ahead.