By: Jabin Lee ’24

We’ve all had the struggle of going through a long day without getting our daily dose of caffeine. Everyone needs some sort of energy to start their day. Whether it’s from a warm toasted bagel to a steaming latte, everyone has that one pick that they love. Where do we get those favorites from? A classic go-to cafe has to be the famed Starbucks.

First, let me get something out of the way: I am not saying that Starbucks is the best cafe franchise ever (I know there are a LOT of Dunkin fans at LCA) but as a current Starbucks enthusiast, I can personally say the extra few dollars is absolutely worth it. 

With the leaves changing into those earthy amber tones and that chilly breeze blowing across our faces, fall is definitely getting close. What’s a better way to celebrate fall than getting a delicious favorite from Starbucks? Here are the essentials that you NEED to get from Starbucks before the fall season ends.

First on the list is the drink that everyone thinks about when they hear Starbucks Fall Menu: The Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

This drink is perfect for that autumn feeling that we crave. It has a strong pumpkin flavor but gets balanced with the right amount of milk. You can enjoy it with a topping of cinnamon and whipped cream! It might be basic but it sure tastes great!

The next AMAZING drink is my favorite and Mr. Dalrymple’s favorite: The Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.

Listen… I don’t love regular cold brews but that pumpkin sweet cream changes lives. Now I get why Mr. Dalrymple always has one of these during the day. That pumpkin sweet cream creates that warm autumn feeling that we all need in our lives.

Last on the list is the Pumpkin and Pepita Loaf! 

Think of an amazing pumpkin bread with crunchy nuts on top. Yeah~ that’s basically what this loaf is. It is an amazing option for those who want a snack along with their coffee.   

And that concludes the Fall Essentials that everyone needs to try when they go to Starbucks! Keep on the lookout for perhaps a… Christmas Starbucks Essentials article?!?