By: Nanati Getachew ’24

Last week wasn’t exactly normal with no school on Monday because of Indigenous Peoples day and Tuesday being switched with a Friday schedule, AND Wednesday being PSAT day for sophomores and juniors. Nevertheless! LCA houses gave it their all in this year’s costume contest! In some cases, entire grades decided to dress under one theme, like the junior class who came in dressed as things 1-49 inspired by the blue haired “things” from Dr. Seuss’s well known “Cat in the Hat” children’s book. The homeroom leaders came in dressed as characters like the Lorax and the Grinch. Ms. Morin’s seventh grade house was dressed like Greek gods and goddesses, with white robes and gold accents. But the big winner of the annual house costume competition was… Mr. Pothier’s prefect house!

This group of seniors came into school dressed as the 12 disciples and cleverly took their picture gathered around a longer table to replicate Da Vinci’s famous painting of the last supper. 

That crazy week was round off with a steadier blue crew Friday where everyone came in with their bluest LCA gear! and we closed out the day with a homecoming pep rally out on the field that evening. We love to see everyones school spirit and can’t wait to see what LCA’s houses will come up with next year!