By Gretchen Magill ’23

The Homecoming games between LCA and our rival school, Bancroft have been a
tradition for years, and soccer games are always very emotionally investing for fans. They can
become battles, and LCA has come out on top for the most part in recent years.

At Bancroft’s homecoming at the end of September, tensions became physical during
the varsity boys soccer game when disagreements between players and their overly aggressive
playing style led an LCA player to push someone on the opposing team. The Bancroft boy
pushed another LCA senior harder, ultimately causing sophomore James Landers to get
involved; both teams continued their fighting circle until referees and coaches broke it up. All
this is to say, rivalries between Bancroft and LCA have been pretty intense lately. Coaches and
players hoped that our homecoming game would be more civilized as Bancroft’s boys soccer
game ended in an infuriating tie.

The Lions redeemed themselves when junior Kaleb Abraham scored a fantastic last
minute goal to bring the final score to 1-0. As the fall sports season reaches the homestretch,
LCA is currently winning the ongoing fight, and we hope to keep it that way.