By Lareine Nget 24’

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, is not only celebrated in China, but also in several other East Asian countries and many others around the world. Here at LCA’s main campus, we even organized a week of events leading up to Lunar New Year. 


Red colored decorations such as lanterns, paper door banners, paper cuttings, and upside down Fu banners decorated LCA’s North Campus during thistime of the year. From the entrance to the dining room, we were welcomed by these decorations. January 22, 2023 was marked on all our calendars because it was the Lunar New Year Dinner Party.


Leading up to the the dinner, we had activities such as

Dumpling making with moms of residents at LCA North Campus, and

Origami folding of many different kinds of shapes that were meaningful.

The delicious spread was prepared by parents and just the smell made us all very hungry. Food  filled all our bellies, from pork-filled dumplings to coconut shrimp to baos to noodles and drumsticks, I do not know the specific name of–but of course, we still had space for dessert.

Chocolate fountain, egg tarts, cupcakes, ice cream and some more Chinese desserts to end our very auspicious day! 

Do you and your family celebrate the Lunar New Year? If so, what family traditions do you have?


Here are some more pictures to remember the night: