By Lillian Zhu ’26

Lunar New Year is a very special and exciting holiday that signifies the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year on the lunar calendar. It has been celebrated at LCA. 

The LCA ASiA team has set up representations of Asian culture to celebrate such as paper cutting, water calligraphy, and snacks in the library. 

Paper cutting is usually made of red paper, and is associated with happiness and festivals. Water calligraphy is important because it shows the appreciation of cultural arts and traditions. Although it is usually used with black ink it still shows the beauty of Chinese characters. 

For snacks ASiA prepared dumplings, spring rolls, and red envelopes. Chinese people eat dumplings during Chinese new year because they represent fortune and prosperity. Spring rolls originated in China. Red envelopes symbolize good luck and are usually filled with money(we used chocolate). It is usually given to children and married couples or elderly people hand them out. 

Lunar New Year is significant because it is the most important social event for billions of people. Families who don’t see each other often gather together for this special occasion.