By Emma Lindborg ’25

Imagine you stepped into the shoes of an athlete for a day. Do you think you would succeed, or fail, or maybe just a bit of both? Reagan Fish, a lacrosse player who plays all year long, has given an interview to display what a day in the life of an athlete looks like!

It is Saturday morning, so you’ll probably be sleeping in right? Not Reagan Fish, she has to get to work at Chick-fil-A. She can not work later as she has lacrosse practice in the evening; she has no other option but to work in the morning. For Reagan, this is not some hobby, it is a sport that she is dedicated to and hopes to play in college. She is so dedicated that before going to lacrosse practice, she practices at home to warm up. Not including weekends, she can spend up to eight to ten hours practicing lacrosse. For people who dislike or even hate sports, this can seem horrible. Though, not for Reagan as she loves the sport. Reagen remarks, “I can’t stop playing.” But with all this time going into a sport, a balance of other activities and responsibilities is crucial. Reagan is working to have a good balance, but finds it hard to fit everything into her schedule. She has had to drop activities to prioritize sports; during homecoming, she arrived late to the dance since she had to practice lacrosse. Reagan even had to drop theater, an activity she loves. 

Overall, Reagan is dedicated to lacrosse which she plays all year. To be a dedicated athlete one needs to spend countless hours practicing, and one needs to prioritize the sport above other activities. After seeing just a day in Reagan’s life, do you think you could survive it?