By Emily Gray ‘24

A couple of Fridays ago on October 29, the LCA chamber singers put on an incredible performance where a multitude of talents were displayed. There were songs ranging from power ballads to lighthearted comedies to songs by pop legends like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé. Preparing for the show was difficult and nerve wracking, but it all came together in the end due to the hard work of everyone involved. 

The show started off with a group performance of “Welcome to the Renaissance” from Something Rotten that featured a couple of soloists and some really cool Renaissance attire. This was followed by a bunch of solos and small group numbers from shows like Les Misérables, The Waitress, Hamilton, Mamma Mia, and Dear Evan Hansen. The performance concluded with a powerful group rendition of “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen that moved many to tears. 

This year, there was less time to prepare for Broadway Follies since it came up really quick. Last year, it was in the spring, leaving more time for preparation, but this year, there was only about a month’s notice before opening night. There were many long and late rehearsals and lots of practicing in study halls, but it all paid off. The performers were all incredible, the tech crew did awesome, and the audience was incredibly supportive throughout the whole thing. 

If you did not come out and see Broadway Follies this year, I highly encourage that you do next year. I promise you will not regret it!


A Few Quick Thank You’s:

Mrs. Bulger, thank you for making rehearsals fun and for helping chambers to put our best foot forward at all times.

Dr. Sarah, thank you for learning all of our songs on piano and for helping us to rehearse. 

Mr. Greco and the tech crew, thank you for the beautiful lighting and sound and for keeping all the mics in check backstage. 

Julia Clayton ‘24, thank you for choreographing the super fun dance to “Welcome to the Renaissance.”

Arts Prefects (Cole Owen ‘23 and Gretchen Magill ‘23), thank you for leading by example and helping out your classmates. 

Any audience members, thank you for being so supportive and for cheering all of us on. Your energy is what feeds the performance, and is very much appreciated.