Yesterday, for chapel, the whole LCA community, both upper and lower school came together in the Cross Worship and Performing Arts Center for a Tenebrae service. Tenebrae is Latin for darkness. This remembrance service,  held during the three days preceding Easter Day, is characterized by the gradual extinguishing of candles. Students read a series of Scriptures chronicling  Jesus’s final week and after each reading a candle was snuffed out and we sang together. In the end only one candle remained lit –  the Christ candle. Mr. Dalrymple reminded us of the hope we have in Christ because of his resurrection which Christians around the world will celebrate on Sunday, or in the case or Eastern Orthodox Christians, on April 24 this year. 

Yesterday, during our time of worship together, students (both middle and upper school students) led in reading scripture and led our singing. For those of you who were here at LCA in February of 2020, you may remember that our last gathering as a community prior to Covid, was a chapel with guest Andy Crouch. That was the last time I heard our community singing together so  robustly. I was so moved then and again yesterday. Our God reigns and it is so powerful when we proclaim that truth together in worship.

I’m so thankful for this important anchor and the opportunity we have at Lexington Christian Academy to mark it so clearly to remember Christ’s greatest gift. While we are gathered from over 80 different churches all over the Boston area and around the globe, our unity remains in Christ. His death and resurrection is life changing every day of the year and at LCA we celebrate that most wholeheartedly!

We will also be celebrating wholeheartedly on April 29 and 30 as we gather together with you,  alumni young and old, and our broader community in gratitude for God’s faithfulness over 75 years. Please consider joining us for the weekend of festivities outlined below. The highlight event is Saturday, April 30 at 2pm. 

Blessings on your Holy Week and Easter Celebrations. I look forward to seeing your students again next Tuesday when we regather.


Christine Metzger, Head of School