Dear LCA Families,

Earlier this week at one of our Parent Coffee events, I spoke with two parents who had known each other through their children for over a year, but who had only met in person for the first time that morning. It was a powerful reminder that while we are closing the gap on the distance we’ve kept between each other over these past 18+ months, we are still navigating so much disruption together. We will be repairing, restoring, and reinventing things as a community for months to come, and I am so thankful that we are a school that partners with one another – faithfully and generously.


When I have the opportunity to speak with prospective families or teachers about our core values, I always pause for a moment on our value of partnership, because it tends to require a few additional words to fill out its context – partnership with whom? 


Lexington Christian Academy was founded on core values that have always included partnership with parents. We hold a sincere conviction that parents should play a role in the education of their students, because students learn best when the significant adults in their lives – parents, teachers, pastors, and coaches – work together to support them and reinforce what matters most.


As our world becomes increasingly complex and demanding, it is more important than ever that we are steadfast in this commitment. It is a joy and a privilege to partner with parents that value not only an excellent education for their children, but one that is Christ-centered, because in times that feel uncertain and ever-changing, Christ is the steady constant that holds all things together. Our partnership and shared commitment to this means our students will experience this truth lived out and reinforced in various areas of their lives – and it will make a difference. 


I am thankful for our parent community, and have loved spending time with parents on the patio over coffee these past few weeks. Coming alongside one another in this journey to raise and educate the emerging generation is a joy and a privilege. Thanks be to God.



Christine Metzger
Head of School, Lexington Christian Academy