By Emily Gray ‘24


On February 17 and 18, friends and families gathered in the LCA Cross Center to witness the long-awaited performances of the upper school musical, “Godspell.” A lot of hard work and dedication went into this production with the cast meeting for at least 3 hours everyday after school. In addition, the show was largely student-run as the tech and choreography were done by students. 

Godspell was a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety to anger to sadness to bittersweet joy, but in the end, the cast was a family, and the show was a huge success. Not only was Godspell extremely fun for the cast to perform, it was thrilling for the audience to watch and for some to participate in as multiple audience members were called on stage throughout the performances. 

Godspell concluded with a small cast party where the cast and their families and friends enjoyed ice cream and got to celebrate their accomplishments together. 


A Few Thank Yous:

Julia – Thank you for choreographing the show and for having patience with the cast as we learned the dances. 

Mr. Greco – Thank you for your creative visions. Your blocking made the show very fun to perform. 

Dr. Sarah – Thank you for helping us to learn the really difficult music and for doing an amazing job leading the band. 

Mrs. Bulger – Thank you for helping us to develop our characters and for strengthening our solo performances.