Lareine Nget ‘24

Dorm’s Coffee House / Dorm’s Got Talent!

Friday March 31, 2023, was the Dorm’s Got Talent Show, also known as the Coffee House! We had a variety of performances from many of our talented students, both from Main Campus and North Campus. Not only did students participate in this talent show, but we also had our dorm parents join.


Two of our dorm council members, Harry Li and Sophia Xie, were the MC’s at this talent show and did a great job at introducing each performance and bringing laughter to the audience. 


Our first performance was a beautiful piano performance by Jeff! This performance helped set a comfortable and sentimental mood for the show. (P.S. he played this piece with sunglasses on…)

Following Jeff’s performance, we had a beautiful song cover, “A Thousand Years,” by Jocelyn and Valerie!

Next, we have Moeka’s (Julia/Eunjeh/Sophia/Trisha) dance class. 

One word I can use to describe this performance was interactive. Everyone joined in on this gorilla type dance and brought the mood back to a very fun and exciting feeling.

After this, we had another beautiful piano performance by Harry Q!



After many performances, we had our dorm parent, Ms Kindt, share a beautiful song with her amazing guitar skills!






Now, we have a very sentimental and emotional performance by a dorm family, Mrs. Clossey and Mr. Clossey, along with their adorable baby girl, Joanna! 

Our main event of the night, the dorm parents’ performance! It was a hilarious watch and we dorm students will use this to our advantage and tease them every chance we get!

A very tiring Friday, but with this to end our day, we walked away with so many memories and learned about each other’s talents that we did not even know about. All of our dorm events have always been fun, but it’s safe to say that this will be our most memorable and interactive night ever!